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Commercial Bankers

Full Time


  • Deal with small or medium-sized companies than everyday people.
  • Their services include loans and credit, trade, treasury services and employment services such as payroll.
  • Their primary responsibilities include meeting with corporate customers and discussing financial requirements as per their convenience and also provide relevant financial advice.
  • Advise small or medium-sized organizations about merging with other companies or acquiring other companies or capital markets.
  • They are also tasked with promoting the bank’s services, planning finances and preparing lending agreements.


  • Should have very good Analytical skills
  • He or she should be very good with numbers.
  • Should have very good interpersonal skills with decent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Should also be good with negotiation skills and should be curious to pay attention to every detail.
  • Life of a banker is filled with a gamut of pressure which he or she should be able to manage and prioritize accordingly.


If you wish to apply for this job position, please fill your details in the Contact Form and mail to jobs@localhost

Please mention the following in the subject line as ‘”Position Name” –“Your Name” – “Your Current Business group”