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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

The healthcare industry in India is the fourth largest employer in the country. India has government and private healthcare centres and hospitals. Improved technologies are driving changes in the healthcare sector. There are opportunities in medical equipment, diagnostic equipment, telemedicine and other online services. There is also an increased demand for improvement of medical infrastructure and making medical services accessible to the rural areas. By 2022, India plans to have 1 million healthcare providers.

India is also a world-class and cost-effective destination for medical tourism. Automation and robots will make medical procedures more efficient and precise.

The healthcare and pharma industry offers several lucrative roles such as health care consultant, staff nurse, care taker, physiotherapist, healthcare analyst, clinical research, medical officer, biomedical engineer, software engineer, accounting, QA, medical representative, pharmacist, researcher, auditing, health officer, customer care executive, marketing executive, sales executive, business development, operations manager,  HR manager, and more. Apply today through Samvin.

Source: Invest India