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The retail sector includes all businesses that sell goods to the end user. The retail sector in India is growing at a tremendous pace. While formerly the sector consisted of small goods stores in the unorganised, today it encompasses supermarkets, brand retail outlets and chains. The FDI from retail accounted for about 1.59 billion USD between Apr 2000 and December 2018. It contributes to 10% of the country’s GDP. The proliferation of internet connectivity, and steady investments has led to the rapid growth of the ecommerce segment. The types of goods sold through retail outlets and online portals include cosmetics, clothing, electronic goods, household appliances, books, personal care, and more. Online / mobile shopping will also open up the industry to further growth, bolstered by increased disposable income, foreign investments and development of tier 2 and 3 cities.

The retail industry has several lucrative job roles such as retail store manager, department manager, sales consultant, relationship manager, purchase manager, software engineer, accounting, QA, customer care executive, marketing executive, retail sales executive, business development manager, operations manager, HR manager, and more. Apply today through Samvin.

Source: IBEF