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IT & Technology

India is one of the largest destinations in the world for IT & ITES because of cost effectiveness, large talent pool, convenient time zones, government support, technical infrastructure, and fast turnarounds. We are home to over 17k IT firms. Over 1.6 billion USD is spent on training, research and development. We have the fastest growing tech market in the Asia-Pacific region. India also stands third in the number of tech start-ups globally.

There are a wealth of job opportunities emerging fields like internet of things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR), blockchain, AI, machine learning, and automation. Some of the top skills you can pick up include languages like Python, Ruby on rails, Java, C++, JavaScript, relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL databases like MongoDB, HBASE, Redis, Couch DB, Neo4j, frameworks such as ReactJS, Angular, Vue, Spring Boot, big data frameworks like Apache Hadoop, Apache Storm, Apache Samza, Apache Spark, cloud platforms like Azure, Google Cloud and AWS, and runtimes like Node.js.

Apply for the positions of full-stack developer, network engineer, java developer, android developer, python/Django developer, cloud architect, data scientist, data analyst, IT support specialist, business analyst, customer support engineer, sales manager, marketing manager, VP, operations manager, financial analyst and more through Samvin.

Source: Invest India