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Banking & Finance

The finance industry comprises of several services including banks, insurance, mutual funds, stock trading, credit cards, loans and other forms of financing.

The Indian banking industry is structured, regulated and well-established. Indian banks include Commercial Banks, and Cooperative banks. Informal and unorganised microcredit systems are also highly popular in India. Payment banks, that offer deposits, and mobile banking are also growing in popularity in the country. Banking & finance sectors offer incredibly rewarding and high-paying careers in India. With the rapid emergence of internet banking and mobile banking, there are great career opportunities to capitalise on, in these fields.

Candidates with bachelor’s degrees or diploma holders may apply for jobs in these sectors. They can seek jobs in public or private sector banks. Candidates can apply for jobs as product lead, customer service and relationship executive, loan executive, branch manager, financial associate, accountant, financial officer, finance analyst, HR manager, sales executive, sales manager, accounts executive, accounts manager, IT engineer, software engineer, BPO executive, credit card executive. Apply today on Samvin.