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Overseas Hiring

Hiring Process

Sourcing talent from all over the world not only gives professionals the opportunity to expand their horizons, but also enables companies to choose from a wider talent pool. Bringing together individuals from different parts of the globe can enrich company cultures, open up fresh portals for problem solving interactions and generate benefits all around.

Overseas hiring demands an in-depth understanding of the local as well as target international market, talent base and its needs. It requires knowledge of diverse cultures, political, and legislative ramifications of hiring from international locations.

Samvin will help you navigate the challenges of scrutinizing and hiring talent for your business, based on your company strategy and project requirements, through a comprehensive process of planning, assessment, relocation, on-boarding and more.

Samvin streamlines the overseas hiring process for our clients by not only sourcing and filtering the ideal candidates, but also honing their language and cultural skills, making them a perfect fit for a particular working environment.

The Samvin Overseas hiring process is as follows:

  • Obtain requirements from clients: Detailed requirements are obtained from the clients to ensure that no aspect of their needs goes unnoticed. From cultural expectations, to skill levels, we take care of it all.
  • Sourcing of candidates: Candidates are sourced from our extensive network and databases, through a meticulous and data driven process.
  • First round of selection by Samvin panel: Samvin ensures quality control, by filtering out the candidates in the first phase of selections, ensuring only the best reach our clients.
  • Interview and selection by client: The short-listed candidates are sent to the clients, for further interviews and selection as per client’s criteria.
  • Language / skill training of candidates: Candidates selected by the client will undergo language/skill/cultural training
  • Final interview by company: Final selection will be conducted by the client company, after the candidates demonstrate adequate job and language capabilities.
  • Final offer letter and recruitment: Recruitment formalities are finalised by the client and candidate.
  • Candidate travels to respective country to start their overseas job