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    Samvin Global Consultancy

    Samvin Global Consultancy is a human resource management, training, development and business consulting firm. The ever fluctuating state of the global economy demands more every day from professionals and organisations alike.

    The existence of a trustworthy partnership with a HR, staffing and business consulting firm provides a competitive edge to a company. It ensures that you are poised to meet the challenges of any challenging business environment. 


    Current Openings

    Executive Search

    Find your next dream role as a senior executive with Samvin.

    What We Do

    HR Solutions

    Every organisation, whether it is a start-up or an established organisation, needs to [...]

    Training & Development

    Samvin’s Corporate Training programmes are available for professionals of a variety [...]

    Business Consultancy

    Businesses cross international boundaries, both when there is an impetus for growth [...]

    Overseas Hiring

    Partnering with a business consulting firm like Samvin, can help you revitalize your [...]

    Why Choose Samvin

    We will be with you from the beginning until the end of the hiring process

    We provide easy-to-understand yet professional communication.

    We offer the best HR services in any vertical.

    We understand your business before taking any action.

    We provide easy-to-understand yet professional communication

    We will help your business grow in terms of suitable employees.

    Our Prestigious Associates

    Trusted by the World’s Most Innovative Businesses – Big and Small.