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Discover jobs in IT, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, aerospace engineering and more on Samvin.

Samvin Global Consultancy is your portal to a rewarding career in Japan. Samvin offers end-to-end support for entry level jobs as well as for experienced professionals across the globe, to kick-start their career in Japan. Samvin has a suite of training programs and a wide network of Japan-based recruiters.

Japan is a nation of fascinating culture, that has captured the imagination of people around the world. It is renowned for its high technological standards and superior work ethic. Japan is facing a shortage of employable individuals, due to an ageing population and declining birth-rates. It has been forecast by the National Institute of Population and Social Security that the population in Japan will decline from about 127 million to about 88 million by 2065. Japan has opened its doors to skilled and semi-skilled employees from foreign countries, especially ones in Asia.

The Japanese industry is looking to countries like India, to fulfil its need for skilled professionals, who are also trained in Japanese language and culture. India is poised to become the human resource capital of the world. It will have the youngest working population in the world in the next two years (18 to 30 years). One million youth enter the labour market each month. With a wealth of top tier engineering colleges like the IITs and NITs, as well as high quality engineering colleges in each state, training programmes like (Industrial Training Institutes) ITI, engineering graduates and technically trained individuals have the opportunity to utilise their knowledge and build a career in Japan.

Japanese companies currently offer jobs to eligible engineering professionals in the fields of mechanical, electronic, electrical, and computer science engineering.

Employment Specifications:

  • Engineering Graduates with a distinction score in their academics
  • Technicalskills as per core specialization.
  • Japanese Language conversation fluency and knowledge of Culture & Work ethics
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) certification at least to the N3 Level.

A member of “Indo-Japan Chamber Of Commerce and Industries ( IJCCI )”.