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Risk Management Officer

Full Time


      Risk managers may be generalists who cover several different areas, or they may be specialists who concentrate on a single area. In either case, many of their duties and responsibilities are the same.

  • Develop, implement, and enforce rules and procedures designed to mitigate risks.
  • Set policies regarding data security in close partnership with their respective firms’ information technology groups.
  • Employ various financial instruments and contracts to control risks, such as insurance, swaps, derivatives, futures contracts, and options contracts.
  • Address default on loans extended by the firm.
  • Monitor securities inventories held by traders.
  • Monitor losses on investment securities held for the firm’s own account
  • Assess counter-party risk when another financial firm fails in its obligations to the firm.


  • A background in management science and in the development or use of predictive models is helpful.
  • A primary concern for risk managers in securities firms is the potential mark to market losses on inventories of securities held by trading desks.
  • Prior experience as a trader or as a trading desk assistant can be invaluable for a risk manager
  • Experience in law, accounting, compliance, insurance, or operational areas of the financial services industry are important credentials.

Certification: Several formal risk management certifications are available and are required by a growing number of employers. Certifications can help start or advance a career in the field.


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